Calamos Investments Presents: Why Private Credit?

Private credit has become a core allocation in many institutional portfolios, and has garnered strong interest across investor types, due to the potential yield orientation, risk mitigation and diversification benefits this asset class offers. Calamos Investments, a leading manager of liquid alternative solutions, has partnered with Aksia, a global leader in private credit, to provide investors access to high-quality private credit partnerships and opportunities with the launch of the Calamos Aksia Alternative Credit and Income Fund (CAPIX). 

Please join us as we address these fundamental questions in a dynamic presentation with industry experts.

What is private credit?
Private credit refers to a variety of strategies sourced through private channels that focus on generating cash yield through (typically) secured debt instruments (or debt-like instruments, such as leases). Private credit assets are generally senior in a capital structure, potentially insulating investors’ principal from significant losses in times of economic stress and market dislocations. 

Why invest in private credit?
Private credit offers a wide array of sub-strategies that are defensive and can take advantage of rising rates, market volatility and economic weakness. Institutions have long recognized and benefited from use of the private credit asset class. Asset owners such as public and corporate pension plans, insurance companies, foundations and endowments use private credit in their portfolios to generate current income, seek downside risk mitigation and take aim at volatility.

Private credit in an interval fund format – what are the tradeoffs?
Interval funds seek to offer private wealth and smaller institutions access to institutional quality private credit opportunities. An interval fund can allow private investors a “one stop” private credit solution to help diversify their existing portfolios, dampen vol and generate yield. 

  • J. Michael Miller, VP, Institutional Investor Relations, Calamos
  • Tod Trabocco, Managing Director, Private Credit Strategist, Aksia

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