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Do you have clients (Plan Sponsors) with 1099 contract employees? Would you like to have a solution to bring to your clients and prospects to solve this administrative drudgery? Why not partner with a company that can help your clients and prospects accelerate payments, work with contractors at scale, and help 1099s navigate life designed around a W-2 paycheck ultimately saving them time and money? watch our introductory call below to learn more about Wingspan

  • Kameron Jones, VP
  • Steve Motuza, Head of Sales

Are you going to walk into a meeting with the same exact playbook every time? You should have different approaches for different audiences.

Boardroom Advantage:
The premise of boardroom advantage is that there are four types of personalities that both the buyer and the seller exhibit in some shape or form.

The challenge for financial advisors is navigating between different personalities and winning the business.

DISC is an acronym that represents dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. It is critical to identify who you are as a seller.

The dominant individual is a "my way or the highway" type of person that craves control. The influencer is an energetic and animated individual. They have a need to be noticed and are dynamic presenters. The steady individual is a more calming influence and values relationships and security. These individuals do not like change in the world. The complaint individual is about facts and figures. Their core strength is knowledge, and base need is to be correct.

Cues and Clues – When walking in a room you may be able to develop an idea of personalities by listening and looking. Once identified, formulate a strategy of approaches to take. 

Dos: Move quickly, be direct, be prepared, stick to facts, give alternatives, problem solve, and answer the "what."

Don'ts: Waste time, make idle talk (how is your day going?) do you really want to know how their day is going? give opinions or testimonials, dwell on details


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