PIMCO Value Investing | A Different Approach

Value Investing? With a potential recession on the horizon, persistent inflation, and continued uncertainty in equity markets, prudent active management will be increasingly important. Watch this session to learn more about PIMCO’s differentiating systematic approach to value investing and the newly launched SCVIII CIT as well as RAE International Value CIT.

  • Raji Manasseh, Senior Vice President, PIMCO

Traipsing through the intricacies of Revised Annuity Employee (RAE) investment strategies, Raji Manasseh provides a comprehensive analysis of PIMCO's diverse portfolio lineup. The focal point revolves around the consistent and robust returns demonstrated across various trailing periods, showcasing a remarkable success rate of 89% to 97% in executing the RAE's investment strategy.

Addressing concerns regarding specific funds underperforming their benchmarks, Manasseh offers an insightful perspective, explaining that underperformance during exceptionally bullish market conditions aligns with historical trends. For example, if the market records a significant gain of 32%, and the RAE fund registers a slightly lower growth at 28%, it falls within the expected range during periods of heightened market growth. He maintains an optimistic outlook on the fund's potential, particularly in more moderate return environments ranging from 4% to 10%, where the strategy consistently excels.

The discussion further explores the importance of consistent returns beyond trailing periods. Manasseh acknowledges the regular contributions investors make to their 401(k) plans, resulting in varied start points for investments. The success rate of 89% to 97% over every 5-year period, on a monthly basis, underscores the strategy's reliability and its ability to consistently deliver positive outcomes for investors.

Additionally, Manasseh highlights Morningstar peer rankings, showcasing RAE's unwavering commitment to achieving top quartile performance across its various strategies since inception. This commitment to excellence is reflected in their institutional share class fees, positioned at bottom quartile levels, making their mutual funds appealing to investors seeking high-quality performance at a competitive cost.

In conclusion, Manasseh paints a vivid picture of the RAE funds, providing reassurance to investors regarding the effectiveness of their strategies through consistent returns, top quartile peer rankings, and competitive fees. PIMCO positions value investing with RAE as a compelling choice, especially in the current market conditions.


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