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Empower is an industry leader in providing personalized advice and driving engagement from participants. The infrastructure has been created to deliver proactive advice, but how is this model delivering results for participants in their retirement plan? This study delivers data to show the results of engaging Americans to improve the overall market but also create a personalized strategy to get Americans to retire with dignity.
  • Matt Cain, CFA, Sr. Custom Solutions Director - Southeast Region
In the video above the Empower team covered:
  • Empower advisory services at a glance
  • Key findings
  • The benefits of personalized advice
  • In volatile markets advice users are engaged
  • Considerations when selecting managed accounts
  • When managed accounts isn't an option
  • Target date fund and managed account savers are not the same
  • Adoption lags when fiduciary advice isn't prioritized
  • Not just digital tools
  • Partnering with plan of all sizes and segments
  • Managed account participants more engaged
  • Check-ins are substantive, not transactional
  • And much more!

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