HSA Strategies for the 2022 Enrollment Season

HSA assets will cross the $100 Billion threshold this year. They are now becoming a vital piece of the retirement solution. Watch the video below, HSA will update you on trends and strategies to prepare you for the 2022 HSA Enrollment Season. They’ll also review the key attributes of HSA plans, how easy they are to manage, and how you can add revenue and value to your relationships.
  • Michael Kouromihelakis Vice President – Retirement Channel
  • Patrick Schmick, Vice President – Retirement Channel
In the video above the HSA team covered:
  • Current HSA Environment
    • A worrisome financial landscape
    • Rising healthcare costs
    • HSAs are a solution
    • HSAs and 401(k)s paired together
    • Increased savings with HSA and 401(k) 
  • HSAdvisor+ Platform
    • A platform for all audiences
    • HSAdvisor+
    • The HSAdvisor+ Difference
    • Plan Sponsor Questions
    • Best practices
  • How to Get Started
  • And much more


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