Master Fee Benchmarking with a PlanFees Sensei

In a world of ever-changing retirement plan fees, the path to mastery is filled with challenges. As excessive fee lawsuits against employers surge like shadowy adversaries, the pressure to discern "reasonable" fees has reached its pinnacle. How do you, as a fearless retirement plan advisor, navigate this complex battleground and equip your clients with fee clarity and unwavering confidence?


  • Luke Vandermillen, Sr. New Business Associate

Behold, the PlanFees arsenal, a legendary suite of innovative fee weaponry awaiting your command. Unlock the speed and accuracy of Prism Total Fees Benchmarking, revealing data in the blink of an eye. Bask in the confidence bestowed by Prism365, where benchmarks are crafted to match the rhythm of your advisory services. That’s not all – brace yourself for the ultimate technique, RFP Express, where real quotes and custom pricing from top providers appear like lightning, without the weight of a cumbersome live bid process.

Under the guidance of your fee benchmarking sensei, Luke Vandermillen, we'll illuminate the best practices and tools that will empower you to wield the art of fee benchmarking with unparalleled skill. Forge your path to greatness and let fee clarity and confidence be your guiding stars. Assemble your inner circle of wisdom and together, we shall unlock the secrets of fee benchmarking, elevating your practice to legendary heights.


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