Service Plan & Deliverables Overview

The backbone of any great retirement practice is a robust and repeatable service model that is delivered by the advisory firm. Watch the video below and join Vice President of Advisory Services Solomon Stewart, CFA for a discussion on how to create and deliver a service plan to your clients. In this session, we covered how successful advisors like Solomon utilize and position a service plan while leveraging the RPAG suite of technology and resources to efficiently create client deliverables and value-added services. 

  • Solomon Stewart, CFA, Vice President of Advisory Services

 Value of Service Plan

A service plan is simple but has a strong impact on client service deliverables and the overall structure when setting up meetings with a client.

  • Keep on Track
    • Helps set the agenda for any given meeting
    • Shows documentation of tasks completed throughout the year
  • Set Expectations
    • Show clients there is a well-developed plan to address their needs
    • Look forward into future years with annual projects
  • Remind Clients of Our Value
    • Detailed view of the core services that we bring to clients as well as other available services
    • Highlight things that do not always get discussed in Committee meetings, E.G, Client Advocacy 


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