The Power of Partnership in a Changing Environment

Financial confidence has stalled. Now more than ever, people need help navigating their finances and staying on track toward their goals—even those enrolled in employer retirement plans. 

Partnering with Empower can be an effective way to help build your client base, diversify your offerings, and expand your retirement and wealth management business.

Join us to explore Empower’s latest advisor tools designed to engage and drive action with individuals within your Empower plans—and learn how these resources can help you grow your retirement business and your wealth management business at the same time.

  • Patrick Arey, Custom Solutions Sales Director, Empower

The educational session primarily focuses on the vital role of innovation and collaboration in meeting the unique retirement needs of participants. Empower, a prominent industry record keeper, emphasizes the pivotal position of advisors and their integral involvement in the company's operations. Emphasizing the importance of partnership, Pat highlights the collective effort required to ensure participants achieve dignified retirements.

Recognizing the challenges faced by many participants in effectively managing their assets, the webinar underscores the critical role of retirement plans and IRAs in securing their financial future. With a strong emphasis on addressing these challenges, the discussion emphasizes the industry's need to adapt to evolving trends and adopt innovative solutions. This includes prioritizing digital-first participant experiences, integrating benefits, and emphasizing wellness programs as essential components for success.

Acknowledging the ongoing transformation and consolidation within the industry, the webinar emphasizes the significance of scale for record keepers to effectively support the comprehensive retirement lifecycle of participants. Additionally, the discussion highlights the need for adaptability in response to regulatory changes, ensuring a stable infrastructure that facilitates seamless transitions for all stakeholders involved.


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