Win and Retain Business in 2022

It's now 2022 and maintaining reasonable fees is still one the most important fiduciary duties of a retirement plan sponsor. However, how do you determine what's "reasonable." Retirement plan advisors have spent countless hours trying to solve this riddle. Whether it’s through a live-bid RFP report or an annual benchmarking tool, advisors need to consistently monitor what their clients are paying to ensure the best outcome for the sponsor and participants of the plan.

In the video below we begin to unlock the secrets of how to win and retain business in 2022. We'll look at best practices in retirement plan fee benchmarking, and how to use the industry’s most cutting-edge technology that are sure to impress prospects and clients. With just a few clicks, you can create simple, comprehensive and attractive reports that shed light on the various components that make up a retirement plan’s total cost.

  • Luke Vandermillen Jr, New Business Development - RPAG
What you can leverage to win new business or retain your current clients this video covers topics including, what you should be looking for when you are prospecting for new business, what are the red flags surfacing on your current plans, investment due diligence when prospecting, benchmarking fees, and employee  engagement. 


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