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Join us for your last class, where we unveil the secrets to successful marketing in the financial world. Marketing your firm is essential to gaining and retaining business. As an RPAG Advisor marketing student, you'll discover how to create an impactful approach. 

Learn the essential Dos that establish your uniqueness and connect with your audience while avoiding the Don'ts that could hinder your growth. Plus, explore RPAG's Premium Marketing Content and services tailored to position you as a thought leader and engage your clients effectively. Get ready to transform your marketing game and set your business on the path to remarkable success!

  • Ashley Passow, Marketing Specialist, RPAG

Marketing is probably one of the most important things you can do to boost sales for your firm. Increasing your brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing client retention are just a few of the many reasons marketing is beneficial.

Let's start with what you should be doing to market your firm effectively. Targeting the correct audience is the first step, which means understand who you are speaking to when posting on social media or emailing a prospect. As plan advisors, your audience would be plan sponsors. This is important to know because when you are writing articles or emails, you want to make sure you are speaking on those specific pain points that your audience has and then expand on how you and your business can help relieve those pain points.

After you have your target audience locked down and completely understood, then you can begin creating content. This content can be about anything from new ERISA updates to teaching plan sponsors how to retain employees. Once you create your content, it can then be distributed across multiple mediums such as social media, email, and website.

How can RPAG help with your marketing efforts? As an RPAG member, you have access to multiple marketing resources so you can maximize your reach with minimum effort:

  • Retirement Times: includes 3 articles for plan sponsors and 1 article for participants sent to you on a monthly basis.
  • Fiduciary Hot Topics: gives you the potential hot topics for the upcoming quarter that you can discuss with your clients.
  • Social Media Calendar*: 3-month calendar released quarterly with a content repository for easy social and email planning.
  • Drip Email Templates*: Pre-written email templates to send to current and prospective clients to establish brand authority with important information, intended to be used in tandem with one pagers and flyers.
  • Flyers & One-Pagers: Informational pieces you can use as leave-behinds or attach them to emails to prospective and current clients to show your knowledge and expertise.
  • Consultant RFP Responses*: saves you an INSANE amount of time creating RFPs.
  • Sales Pitch Deck: Fully flushed out sales decks demonstrating the capabilities you have as an advisor.
  • Webinar Kits*: Build your own webinar with these! We provide the description, invitation template, presentation, then all you have to do is present it on your favorite video calling platform such as Zoom or Teams.
  • Hosted Webinars*: If you don't want to host your own webinar, we can do it for you. With this resource, the only responsibility you have is to send out the pre-made invite to plan sponsors. They can receive CE credits for attending.

*Only available to Premium Marketing Members. 

If you want to utilize the enhanced features available to Premium Marketing members, reach out to RPAG Support and we will be able to assist you.

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