RPAG Back to School | Benchmarking 101

Welcome back to the school of financial excellence! Join us for a captivating session that dives into the world of plan fees analysis with the RPAG Benchmarking Suite—the ultimate package for fee benchmarking!

The Assignment: Benchmarking can be a lot for some. Where do I start? What should I consider regarding my plan? What are best practices in the industry? The typical benchmarking process often requires a lot of time and effort, leaving advisors scrambling at the last minute to provide clients with precise and professional fee benchmarking reports.

The Solution: Enter the RPAG Benchmarking Suite! – With all three weapons in your arsenal, we can help you establish a workflow that will blow your clients and prospects away. The combination of our revolutionary instant proposal solution, RFP Express, alongside our PlanFees Averages report and our flagship system, the Provider Analysis, our advisors are equipped to precisely benchmark any plan in the industry with the upmost confidence!

Uncover the power of the RPAG Benchmarking Suite! Streamline your workflow and reports, enrich client and prospect interactions, and become a benchmarking pro. Don't miss this lesson —it's time to elevate your benchmarking education!

  • Christian Cardenas, RFP Systems Manager, RPAG

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