The Outlook for Stable Value in a Rising Rate Environment

Putnam Investments takes a proactive approach to managing volatility and pursuing superior results. With the Federal Reserve's planned interest-rate hikes for 2022 likely to have wide-ranging effects on fixed income assets, Putnam Portfolio Manager Steven Horner, CFA, and Investment Director Kevin Calabro are here to share their thoughts on rising rates and how stable value may offer liquidity, stability, and consistency in these markets, watch the video below. 
  • Steven Horner, CFA, Portfolio Manager
  • Kevin Calabro, Investment Director
  • Stacy Zenger, Senior Key Account Manager
Liquidity, stability, and consistency are essential to their process.
  • Liquidity is a primary consideration and provided through a structured cash flow, which results in the ability to operate the put in a flexible manner
  • Putnam Investments believe in diversification, and utilizes the full opportunity set within the stable value universe. This includes cash alternatives, GIC, managed synthetics, and constant duration synthetics
  • They have produced strong results with an above average net crediting rate and consistent long-term performance over a variety of market cycles
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