Cultivating Durable Loyalty

Strengthen the bonds of loyalty between you and your plan clients. Identify several key elements that shape clients’ perceptions of your value and their sense of loyalty to you. Lay out an actionable strategy for both retaining and winning new plan business when key contacts leave a company.


  • Jonathan Young, Sr. Vice President, Capital Group

During the session, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of building strong and authentic relationships with clients and the significance of cultivating that credibility to increase loyalty. It is important to understand the value of effective communication, especially when trying to engage new clients. You can look at companies such as Harley-Davidson and see the vast loyalty that their brand has because they decided to sell a lifestyle for their customers, not just bikes. Jumping off of this point, you have to listen to what your client's want and need and show them that you indeed care about those interests through that effective communication and storytelling. 

For storytelling and communication purposes, there are a myriad of platforms available to you so you can engage clients and establish authority in the industry. Utilize social media and other mediums of communication to show that you are adaptable, knowledgeable, considerate of your client's needs, and nurturing to their plans. When emailing or video calling with clients, use their name to encourage engagement and even ask for feedback consistently so they know you take their considerations seriously. You can also include positive referrals and testimonials on your social media channels to highlight previous work that you have been praised for.

When taking into account your relationship with a client, try to create relationships with multiple contacts within a company rather than relying on a single contact. If that contact were to move companies, you would want to ensure your communication channels stay open with the company they are leaving so there is no lag in business.


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